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Policies: Complaints

Policy Statement: As a registered Childminder it is my aim to provide high quality care which meets the needs of those I am looking after and satisfies the requirements laid out in the EYFS.

Procedure: I work in close partnership with parents/carers in order to meet the individual needs of their children.

If at any time there is an element of my care which you are not satisfied with please bring it to my attention as soon as possible so that we can discuss and aim to resolve the issue.

Complaints can be made verbally, or if you prefer in writing or by email.

It is a condition of my registration that I must investigate any complaint relating to the EYFS requirements within 28 days and notify the complainant of the outcome in writing.

I will keep a record of all complaints and their outcome for at least 3 years.

I will maintain confidentiality but please be aware that I must provide Ofsted with a written record of complaints and outcomes should they ask.

The following information is recorded once a complaint is made:

1.The name of complainant
2.The EYFS requirement to which the complaint pertains
3.Nature of the complaint
4.Time and Date of complaint
5.Outcome of complaint and any changes made to service
6.Details of the information/ findings given to the complainant

If the complaint can not be resolved or you feel that the issue is of a very serious nature you can contact Ofsted on: 0300 123 4666.
For impartial advice, you can call the NCMA Information Line on 0800 169 4484 or the Family Information Service on 080AD0 073 1214.
You can find further information regarding making a complaint against a ‘Childcare Provider’ on the Ofsted website.

Please sign the appropriate section on the ‘Policy Receipt’ form to confirm that you have received and read this policy. Many thanks

Date of Completion: Sept 2012 Date for Review: Sept 2015

Policies: Confidentiality

Policy Statement: All information kept on children and families is stored securely and treated in confidence. Information will only be shared with third parties if express permission is given by parents/carers or if there appears to be a child protection issue. Details are stored securely but are easily accessed by myself should Ofsted require any information during their inspection.

Procedure: All parents/carers receive up to date copies of my policies & procedures; these detail the running of my setting and are reviewed frequently. These are also reviewed by the co-ordinator and Ofsted to ensure information is relevant and accurate.

My certificate of registration is displayed and a copy is available to all parents/ carers.

As a childminder I must comply with the principles laid out in the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act at all times.

I maintain a record of parents/carers and/or emergency contact details, the contact details of the child’s GP and the relevant signed consent forms. An up to date health form, completed by the parents/ carers, detailing a child’s existing health conditions, allergies and current medication is kept in the child’s file. This information is kept secure and is treated as confidential.

I expect parents/carers to keep me informed regarding changes at home/in the family which may affect the child’s behaviour such as a new baby, divorce, moving house, bereavement etc. All information shared will be kept confidential unless a potential child protection issue is identified. I also expect parents/carers to be as conscientious about confidentiality.

Ofsted can ask to access my records at any time and parents/carers have a right to access all records relating to their child at any time.

All significant incidents are recorded in an incident book; this will be shared with the parents/ carers as soon as possible after the event so that any issues can be resolved.

All accidents occurring within my home or while carrying out my childminding responsibilities will be recorded in an accident book. If the accident/incident is likely to result in an insurance claim then I will contact my personal liability insurer and request a case number. This procedure will involve the sharing of information with a third party.

My Public Liability Insurance is provided by the ‘National Childminding Association’; the total life of my policy is 25 years. This enables the child to make a claim against the policy at a later date.

If I keep records relating to the care of their children on my computer I will first ask for the parents/carers permission. The information will be kept securely using password protected files and any back ups (memory stick or DVD) will be securely locked away when not in use. Photos will be kept stored on a computer for daily diaries and reports/observations only. All information will be closely scrutinised to ensure it really does need to be stored.

Please sign the appropriate section on the ‘Policy Receipt’ form to confirm that you have received and read this policy. Many thanks.

Date of Completion: Sept 2012 Date for Review: Sept 2015

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